The Cascais Municipal Aerodrome is an airport infrastructure managed by the company Cascais Dinâmica.

The social object of Cascais Dinâmica is to promote, carry out, and develop activities in tourism, tourism and culture, and sports in the district of Cascais as to contribute towards the sustainable economic development of this district.

Its social object includes the following activities, particularly:

a) The construction of equipment and infrastructures;

b) The development of tourist attraction initiatives in Cascais;

c) The management, preservation, maintenance, and improvement of sports and cultural equipment and infrastructures, which include the outdoors;

d) Direct employment – or by means of third parties – of municipal and other equipment and infrastructures that are municipal assets, the rights of which it has acquired, particularly: the Congress Centre, Craft Fair, Manuel Possolo Hippodrome, Abóboda Swimming Pool, Cascais Fortress, Cascais Municipal Aerodrome, and infrastructures assigned to its activity;

e) The provision of services supporting the Cascais Municipality and all public or private entities aimed at fostering and organising tourist, cultural, and sports activities and events.
The company also aims at supervising municipal concessions as well as those which are the Municipality’s responsibility, as long as these respect tourism and sports-related areas within the district of Cascais.